MB 056: The Business of Writing a Magic Book


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Magician Bussiness Podcast Episode 056 Stephe Cloete, writing a magic book

Writing a Magic Book

Turn you magic passion and knowledge into a book for the general public.


Writing a magic book for magicians is well established. Writing a book that has magic in it for a general audience is another. Magician and author Stephen Cloete discusses turning your experience and knowledge into a consumable product for a non magician audience.

We have all been scammed at one time or another, with or without realising it.

People have been scamming others for thousands of years, and scams work because of two uniquely human traits – greed and gullibility.

Stephen Cloete’s new book: Scammed, looks at uncovering the techniques of scams, hoaxes and cons.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Stephen discusses his new book titled “Scammed”
  • How “Scammed” bridges the gap between the magicians and average person.
  • The dangers that deception could pose to you
  • The difference between con artists and magicians
  • The History of Magicians calling out scammers
  • Ways Harry Houdini originally debunked psychics
  • Techniques that psychics use to deceive their audience
  • How Facebook is the biggest gateway for modern scam artists
  • Stephen explains how clickbait’s are becoming more popular with scam artists
  • The difficulties of the writing process when wrig a magic book
  • Stephen shares some stories from his new book “Scammed”

Resources mentioned:

Stepen Cloete Magician Business How To Write a Magic Book, eBook, writing a magic book



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