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Life plan for magicians and entertainersHow To Write A Life Plan – for Magicians

This is easy and a pleasant way to spend 30 minutes of your time.

It’s all about designing your life and getting back in control.

Start by thinking about then writing down what your top 5 values are that define who you are. Then let these values infuse everything you do. Let them infuse the copy you write for your website. Let them infuse your audiences through how you act in front of them.

This integrity between your words and actions will be your credibility. Your credibility is your reputation. So the easiest way to start a great reputation is this …

Grab a pen and paper and a cup of coffee.

This is not a sit at your computer thing to do. Go and find a sunny spot, leave your phone inside and give yourself permission to just think.

Start writing. Don’t edit. End up with a messy sheet. This will be something you will frame one day when you have realised your magic hopes and dreams.

A life plan is a detailed description of your decisions, intentions, hopes and dreams for your future.  What education do you want? Married? Single? What areas of magic do you want to aspire to? Do you want money, fame or both? Do you want to use magic to help others? How long do you want to work for? A good  life plan is will guide you along the way. When you feel like you are floundering, refer back to it to see what you REALLY wanted.

The following are things to consider when writing a life plan.

  1. What are my needs?
  2. What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  3. What are my hopes and dreams?

This is not rocket science, it’s just a personal stocktake and inventory of what makes up you.

Now do a simple life plan:

  1. In column 1 write down the things you want to achieve, in any order, from all areas of your life.
  2. In column 2 write write down a date 12 months from now and what your goals.
  3. In column 2 write down a date 5 years ahead and do the same.


Go for 10 and 20 year projections if you like. For me (Julian) I work my life in 5 year blocks. I set my goals and work to realize them by 5 years. For you, shorter or longer time frames may work.

Magicians are regular people behind all the smoke and mirrors. A life plan will help all of us get ahead.


Now you’ve done this, go and make a simple business plan. Ken shows you how to make a business plan for magicians

The profits you will make are simply the applause from people who feel you run a decent and meaningful and integral business.


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