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Hi, Ken here. I remember pulling my hair out (that’s why I have so little left) trying to understand the mystical workings of WordPress. It may have taken a few years but I finally got the hang of it and thought to myself, “if I struggled with it, maybe others will too” so I created the EZ WordPress Guide for magicians and performing artists.

Video 1: What is WordPress?

Why does my dashboard look different?

WordPress is constantly evolving and since I created this video the dashboard has changed slightly however the main theme that I cover in the video remains the same. All of the features, adjustments and settings that I discuss in the videos can be accessed via the menu on the left hand side within your dashboard.

Logging into WordPress for the first time

When you first login to a fresh WordPress installation you will be are asked to register your new magician website. This registration involves setup of a password for accessing the WordPress dashboard and you will set the email address that WordPress will use to send out your emails.
The short video walks you through the process of this registration.
Fast Tip: When you login to your control panel you will always use the “your domain.com/wp-admin” address. This URL will take you to the admin login area of your site.

Video 02: Basic Settings

WordPress tour and some basic settings

Any impressive house begins with a strong foundation and in this video we will be laying the foundations for your magician website. It can be tempting to jump right in and start creating pages and content. Don’t. Really … Truly. By doing this you may run into challenges later that are not easy to fix. Slow and steady wins the race.
The settings covered in the video show you how to login to the WordPress dashboard, or control panel. Together we examine your privacy settings, select your tagline and change the WordPress default comments setting.


Posts and Pages

Just what is the difference between posts and pages in WordPress?
Your website will be the place where your bookers go to review your services, look at your pictures and hopefully get in contact with you to make a booking.
In order to prepare your magician website for content we will need to designate settings that define how your home page shows up. In this video all is explained and you will be setting your very own static page as your home page within no time.
I will walk you through creating new pages so that you can go ahead and create your most important pages such as an about me page, a page about the service you offer and a contact page for bookers to get in touch.

Video 03: Setting a home page

WordPress customisation and widgets

You are an entertainer with a unique skill and you don’t want your magician’s website looking the same as someone else’s. The versatility that WordPress offers gives you the opportunity to change the way your site looks. You can change the layout, the colour scheme; upload your logo and a custom header banner all by clicking on a few buttons in the control panel.
In this video we look at some of the more advanced features of WordPress and start getting the feel of how the site could look.

  • Change the background colour in WordPress
  • Change the page layout
  • WordPress widgets explained
  • Changing the WordPress theme

Video 04: Customised design elements 

What are Widgets?

Widgets are little bits of coding called applications that you can drag and drop within your dashboard to add a whole range of specialist features to your website such as custom calendars or your latest comments.

Must Have Plugins

In this last video we explore the plugins that you will need to have a heathy and secure website.

Video 05: Plugins explained

I hope that this EZ WordPress guide has been useful to you. Please help me by sharing your comments in the comments section below.

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