MB 003: Magic Products and Lecturing with Trevor Duffy


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Trevor Duffy speaks about lecturing magicians and getting a product to market.

MB 03: The business
of magic to market

Have you ever had an idea for a new trick? Ever wondered how you would go about getting the idea out of your head and into the magic shops? Have you ever felt you have something to share with other magicians and wondered how you would go about planning a lecture?

I spoke with Trevor Duffy, a South African magician who is known for his quality range of magic products and for his informative and entertaining lectures. Trevor and I chat about how he got started in magic and he shares where the inspiration came from for some his products. Trevor speaks openly about getting a product to market and gives some tips on how to get dealers to carry some stock.

Trevor Duffy travels the globe lecturing and sharing his unique philosophy on magic and sharing some of the bread and butter routines that have served him well. Trevor tells it as it is, giving actionable tips on lecturing including how to get on the circuit.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Where Trevor started magic and why a pack of cards was his only prop.
  • Why entering magic competitions is useful for a professional magician.
  • How reciprocity underpins Trevor’s philosophy in magic and in life.
  • How a long term residency hones skills and how these skills transfer into valuable experience.
  • Trevor’s thoughts on packaging and quality when bringing a product to market.
  • How innovation is constant and the evolution of Smokey Magic V2.
  • The important things to consider when entering the lecture circuit.
  • Trevor Duffy’s top tip that you can action now.

Links and resources mentioned

Trevor Duffy’s Tricky Trevor website

Trevor Duffy’s website

Trevor’s lectures.

Products mentioned in the interview.

smokeymagicv2-300x300Smokey Magic v2

Quoted from the Wizard Magic review on 26 March 2014:
“I feel more in control of the smoke and of how dense it is. I find it a little more reliable and am more connected to the moment of smoke. You get more smoke, quicker”. – David Penn.
See the video

Magic Mat

Phil Trick

Deck Dropper


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