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Scott Wells Business of Trade Show  magic at Magician Business Podcast

The Business of

Trade Show Magic

“Better than 1000 days of study is one day with a great teacher”

This is a quote I pulled from the Magic Word Podcast which is run by today’s guest Scott Wells. It sums up nicely what we find the Magic Word Podcast ( MWP ) to be …

it’s like the sage teachers, the battle scarred warriors of magic, come into your living room and have a discussion and you get to sit and listen as they dole out the nuggets of wisdom born … really it is like something money cannot buy. Little nuggets of wisdom like

Jon Stetson

A pro is someone who can just turn up and perform anywhere anytime” 

Denny Haney

“Every time I think I’ve bought the holy grail of magic I end up with a plastic cup”

The same can be said of Scott Wells when it comes to understanding the business of trade shows, hospitality suites, banquets,sales meetings, closing dinners, board meetings. When you want to understand the psychology of the clients you are working for, if you have walked a mile in their shoes then you intimately know what they are thinking, what their worries are, their problems they want solved.

In Scott’s own words, “For over 30 years I was employed in the energy industry from the oil fields to the board room. I started as a roustabout in the oil field and rose to vice president of a major natural gas company. My experience is with negotiating contracts, designing financial products, personnel management, and trading futures.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Scott Wells shares his favourite episode of the Magic Word Podcast and why
  • Scott Wells reveals his “hard-nose” business of magic philosophy
  • How Scott got to perform with George W Bush
  • What do businesses who book trade show magicians actually look for?
  • Why you should never say you are a magician
  • How to get a trade show booking and what to avoid
  • Professional fees for trade show magic
  • Scott’s  golden rule of walkabout cocktail party magic


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