MB 049: Showbiz Blueprint Barry Friedman


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Showbiz Blueprint Barry Friedman

Showbiz Blueprint
by Barry Friedman

Every year an opportunity arises to take your magic business to the
next level. Successful corporate entertainer Barry Friedman shares
tips , practical booking strategies and life changing insights from
his Show Biz Blueprint course in this candid chat with Julian Mather
and Ken Kelly.

Showbiz Blueprint by Barry Friedman to check out Showbiz Blueprint and get your 4 FREE training videos simply click on the image below.


In this episode we discuss:

– Using the network you already have before paying for advertising
– Increase your telephone conversions with this simple mindset change
– What type of entertainers is showbiz blueprint suitable for?
– Do you have to be an experienced entertainer to benefit from this course?
– Is showbiz blueprint easy?
– Can I get a refund on my money if showbiz blueprint is not suitable for me?
– Hear how showbiz blueprint changed Julian Mather’s career.

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