How Secure Are Your Online Transactions with Us

We’ve had several people ask some good and valid questions about payment security. To address these concerns and put your mind at ease, here are our answers to the questions that might be at the top of your head.

Where can I see your company information and credentials?

The business is registered as Magician Business Ltd. and you can view our registration details at

You will find our terms of service, as well as our trading address and the list of websites we own and handle, at

How secure is your payment method?

Our payments are processed via a merchant account called Stripe through a shopping cart run by Infusionsoft.

Before we were granted a merchant account, we were audited and our operating procedures were certified to be in line with international law requirements.


How do I know that you will take only the required amount from my account and nothing else?

On your transaction record with your card provider, you will be able to see how much was taken from your account. And to further give you peace of mind when transacting with us, we urge you to google “Magician Ken Kelly” and “Julian Mather” and see what comes back. If we were in this business to defraud people, we would not last very long before being arrested as both Julian and I have high profiles as entertainers.

How do I know that someone else won’t get access to my details?

When you make a payment online and you are asked for credit card details, always check the URL address at the top of the page before entering your information. A legitimate vendor will 1) have a green padlock at the beginning of the URL, and 2) have an https at the start of the URL.

The padlock and https mean no details entered on the page can be intercepted, making the transaction secure. We never get to see your credit card details, and they are not stored by us. The transaction takes place securely between you and our merchant processor, Stripe.

Do I have any way of ensuring that I am safe from online fraud?

Yes. You are in fact insured against fraud by your credit card issuer as all credit cards are insured against fraudulent transactions.