MB 019: Why Magicians Need A Professional Photographer


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Image Branding and Photographers

for Magicians

Why Magicians Need Professional Photographers


I’m a professional photographer (Julian writing) and I can tell you without a moments hesitation that you will get  great value out of using a professional photographer.  I say this not as a photographer, but as a subject, a client who has used photographers.

You will save your self untold time and the lost money that goes along with time. You will look great to your clients. You will save yourself untold stress. You will will also grow as a small business person.

This is a perfect time to start taking off the super-hero cape, the one that makes magicians think they have the power and ability to do it all, to create a show, direct the show, promote the show, do the accounting for the show and on and on it goes. Sure, some of us might be able to do this. Can we though, do it as well for the best return on our investment in time and money?


In this episode we talk about

  • just what a professional photo shoot can do for your magic business
  • what questions you need to ask a photographer to see if they are right for your needs
  • how long you can expect a photo shoot to take
  • just what goes on in a photo shoot
  • how you need to prepare for a smooth and successful photo session
  • where you should start looking for a photographer who understands entertainers

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

Michael Messing’s photo gallery: http://mmessing.zenfolio.com/f285166544


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