Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher!   Behind The Business of a Corporate Magician Business is all about measuring costs, not just financial, but also emotional. Brian Glow frankly talks about the highs and lows of life on the road as a seasoned corporate magician and you get insights by hearing some of the real stories, the real costs associated [...]

This brilliant resource was created by tentsocial. We have no association with them but give them a bit of link juice by popping over to say hi… and give this post 30 secs to load: it’s worth the few seconds wait!   What’s your next step? If you need a way to create your own [...]

Graphic Design for Magician Websites Made Easy Canva is a beautifully simple program that you can use to boost the whole look and feel of your website and videos you post to Youtube.  This is great marketing for magicians. This is perfect to add graphics to your magician promo reel. Seriously forget ever having to spend [...]

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher! How To Advertise on Facebook for Magicians and Entertainers We live in confusing times. Google is trying to become a social media platform (witness the rise of G+) and Facebook is trying to become a search engine. How? By letting you type in search terms into their HUGE database you can search for [...]

Listen on  iTunes or Stitcher! Facebook Fundamentals – Fan pages for entertainers – Social media is the in-thing. Did you know that over 70% of local business use social media to find and engage with new and existing customers. Tamar Kimmons has examined Facebook Fan Pages in detail and she shares how to best use this free resource. [...]

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