MB 028: No Cost Marketing For Magicians


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Eric Knaus aka. The Great Zucchini Shares His Branding and Marketing Tips For Magicians

How do you get hundreds of people to turn up to public venues on weekends to watch your magic show? How do you do this without having spent any money on advertising yourself in the past 11 years? This interview with The Great Zucchini looks at no cost marketing for magicians.

The Great Zucchini aka Eric Knaus has done this. Along the way he has become an unlikely magic superstar in his market and creator of The Great Zucchini Live and Kidshow Rockstar DVD’s. Families want to be at his shows. Even the family that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C. That’s right, Michelle and Sasha Obama are his fans. Join the Great Zucchini now as he slices up his marketing strategy into bite size pieces for us.

  • 3-7 yr olds – drilling your name into their head ..it’s IMPERATIVE
  • Reinforcing your brand name just like Coca Cola does week after week
  • A great way to hand out your business card handout
  • Humanizing yourself … and the benefits it brings
  • Using your name in the 3rd person … always
  • How to create a rock star status by spending other people’s money
  • Creating URGENCY when clients want to book you
  • How to get ‘defenders’ who back you up when critics attack
  • Little Elvis moments! … what are they and why you should have them
  • Why should you give random compliments during the show?
  • When Sasha and Michelle Obama came to the party
  • Image Advertising vs. Direct Response marketing for magicians


Check out The Great Zucchini in action.

To see The Great Zucchini Live and Kidshow Rockstar DVD click here

Read this YELP review  (I grabbed the first one I saw at the top of the page). What you hear is that these people have a relationship withe the Great Zucchini. Click on the picture and read the other reviews and you see this a pattern. Note too you rarely see the word ‘magician’ or ‘tricks’, instead you read ‘zucchini experience’  and ‘the kids and family will be transported’. What is Eric doing that you and I are not? What can we change to get closer to this ideal?


Great Zucchini Yelp Review Kids Entertainer Washington DC

Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Eric Knaus’s website: The Great Zucchini

Eric’s Wikipedia page

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