MB 039: Lessons Learned From 50 Years Of Entertaining with Roger Blakiston


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Lessons Learned From

50 Years Of Entertaining

with Roger Blakiston


A positive and thought provoking thesis on why we become entertainers. Agree or disagree with Roger Blakiston, he raises interesting questions that we all can benefit from by finding answers to them.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Can finding a sense of inner peace make you a better magician?
  • Hear about Roger’s commitment of service to the field of magic
  • What happened when Roger met Tina Turner and Bob Hoskins?
  • What part do humbleness and humility play in being a magician?
  • What happens when Prince William of  England injures himself at Jolly Roger’s magic show?
  • What does it take to write a book? Tips to self publishing
  • Living in the moment to get the most out of your magic
  • What can taking the word ‘worry’ out of your language do for you?
  • Is fear inhibiting you? What can you do about it?
  • The influence of Field Marshall Slim … always take the bold choice
  • How do you find success? It’s easier than you think
  • Roger Blakiston’s book ‘The Spiritual Stage’


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Get an autographed copy of Roger’s book The Spiritual Stage here http://www.spiritualstage.com

Self Publishing site https://www.createspace.com/


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