MB 035: Diversifying Your Magic Business


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Diversifying Your

Magic Business

Will magic support you and your family well into the future? What can you do to branch your magic business into other areas? Paul Romhany is a performer, creator of magic effects, lecturer and he edits and produces VANISH magazine. He’s also a parent (as you will witness at the beginning of the podcast). Listen in as he shares insights and tips that might get you started creating extra streams of income.

In This Episode We Discuss:

Paul’s Charlie Chaplin act that has been the backbone of his performing career.

What is the ‘real magic’ that Charlie Chaplin capitalised on all those years ago? What can you learn from this too?

How long does it take to create and episode of Vanish?

What is the future of niche / magic publications?

What opportunities are there for magicians in niche / magic publications?

If people want to start a newsletter, blog, video blog, niche publication … What are some of the steps they should take?

Do you have to know your audience and their needs?

What do contributors to VANISH magic magazine need to understand?

Should contributors be expected to be edited?

What are the common mistakes you see with contributions?

What makes a good piece?

If listeners want to market a magic trick, how important is the promotional copy?

What tips can you give listeners on writing for their websites / copy / blogs?

Who makes the biggest cut of the money from a trick you put onto the market?

How much money can you expect to make from releasing an effect onto the market?

What can Bill Abbott teach you about releasing effects onto the market?

Piracy in magic? How does this affect you?


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Paul Romhany performing website where you can see his Charlie Chaplin act

Vanish Magazine – get your free downloads here


Dan Sperry Social Media book mentioned in this episode

Revizzit publishing platform that Paul uses



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