MB 032: How To Run A Weekly Mentalism Show With Eric Citron


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How To Run

A Weekly Mentalism Show

 or: Find a hotel and make it attractive for them to allow you to showcase your act to lead to private bookings.


Eric Citron went from doing corporate trade shows to performing kids and family shows, the opposite of most magicians stories. The life on the road worked until the stresses on family life made him seek work closer to home.  Then the  300-500 show a year workload of the kids/family market wore him down too. Looking for a happy medium Eric found mentalism . He discovered local hotels had empty function rooms that were not bringing in money. He simply asked if he could play his Totally Mental Show in these empty rooms. The answer might surprise you ….


In This Episode We Discuss:


  • Working and travelling with a wife and a young family … the upsides and the downsides
  • His Totally Mental Show he does weekly at a local hotel
  • It’s a one-man, family friendly mind reading  parlour show
  • Finding venues for your show is probably easier than you think
  • What do hotels want?
  • “Cure For The Boring Mondays” … What is this?
  • Starting at the top with the general manager and working down
  • How long should your show be?
  • Creating the opportunity for hotels to serve food and drinks
  • How to split the money between the performer and the hotel
  • Using the hotel facilities to market in-house
  • Using ‘rack’ cards to market outside the venue
  • How to create ‘ambassadors’ for your show
  • Using your local chamber of commerce
  • Using the hotel’s mailing list to your advantage
  • Getting paid to showcase your act for private bookers


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Eric got his cards printed at Vistaprint

Contact Eric at  magicbusinessuniversity@gmail.com

Find out about the Magic Business University Conference

Eric’s performing site  New Jersey Mindreader 


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