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Ep31Dominic Reyes Merchant of Magic


 Online Magic Shops With Dominic Reyes from
Merchant of Magic

How your magic performer business can improve using the same techniques of customer service, customer tracking and relationship building that good online magic businesses implement


Dominic Reyes set out to help people improve their magic performing skills and to earn a little money on the side. Sales took off and the all consuming work of fulfilling orders and getting them out the door squashed his immediate dreams of helping other magicians. After 14 years in the magic shop business he has found ways to create a good balance between giving and providing security for his family. There is so much we can all implement contained within this interview with Dominic Reyes …

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How helping others is good for you both ethically and to improve sales / bookings
  • The concept of reciprocity in business
  • A KILLER email tip that you can use today
  • Are you struggling maintaining your interest in magic? Are you alone on this?
  • Mentoring is vanishing along with brick and mortar magic shops. Are you affected by this and don’t realize?
  • Hear Dominic’s advice for magicians starting out
  • His relationship with TV magicians like Dynamo and how he got to be in this position
  • Do you want to start a magic shop? What are the hurdles? What are the benefits?
  • The biggest problem beginners face
  • Dominic talks candidly about his biggest failure in online business and what he is doing to overcome it.


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Find Dominic’s podcast episodes here at Merchant of Magic Blog

Dominic’s online magic shop Merchant of Magic

Merchant of Magic Facebook page

Check out the Magic Business University Conference that Ken and Julian are supporting


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