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Ep30 James Songster Customer Relations magician Business Podcast


Customer Service

For Magicians

James Songster Explains How Disney Has Made Looking After Their Guests An Art Form

In 1992 James Songster went to Disneyworld. Something happened and he was taken with the ‘Disney Philosophy’. 23 years later he left. In this episode of the Magician Business Podcast James lets us in on the ‘team spirit’ that Disney expects all its employees to adopt; the focus being on the customer experience. What can we as magicians learn about customer relations from this? Ask yourself this question right now …

Where does my customer service begin?

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • the value of storytelling
  • the importance of showmanship
  • the importance of building an emotional connection with your audience
  • how Disney doesn’t have jobs, it creates ‘role’ for its employees
  • how to create magical moments
  • understanding the customers point of view
  • don’t alienate your audience
  • the traps of working with other people on your team
  • what you do is not who you are


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Learn the Disney philosophy here  https://disneyinstitute.com/

This is the book James referred to: Be Our Guest  Perfecting The Art of Customer Service




The Great Zucchini was mentioned. This is the podcast episode we did with him.

James mentioned Barry Friedman. Here is his fantastic interview on the Magician Business podcast.


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