MB 029: Contracts For Magicians With Todd Neufeld


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Contracts For Magicians

Todd Neufeld Discusses Contracts, Documents, Deposits, Refunds and Other Things ‘Legal’




In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Business organisation
  • Having the correct documentation
  • What is a contract?
  • Why contacts help customer anxiety.
  • How to deal with disagreements you may have with a client
  • How to stop it getting ugly with a client
  • Deposits – the benefits and disadvantages of taking them
  • How much should ask for a deposit?
  • Can you ask for full payment before the booking starts?


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Todd’s personal site:  www.toddneufeld.com

Todd’s performing site:  www.twistedballoon.com

Todd’s business management software:  www.managersal.com

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This is an interesting discussion about putting a non-refundable deposit on your contract. Though on a photography website, just cross out the word photographer photographer and insert magician to make it relevant.


This is the Balloon Workshop Blueprint we talked about. It’s a great way to get extra bookings over the times when school is out. (You don’t need any balloon twisting skills!)







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