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Smart Marketing For Magicians

Are You Squeezing The Most From Your Bookings?

In this episode we talk about:

We’re seeing 2 common themes emerging:

  1. People only spend an hour a week doing marketing so  they don’t get work so they lower their prices then it is a big chase to the bottom.
  2. They are spending lots of time doing the wrong stuff, year in/year out.

We like to say are you spending time on the hamster wheel going round and round in circles or are you digging an oil well for yourself.

So if you only spend a small amount of time, what can you do to make that time more productive for yourself?

If you are doing the same old stuff and you are wondering why things aren’t improving. And it’s not good enough to stay steady, you need to be growing, to stay ahead of inflation at least.

You know what they say about the past?

The only usefulness for the past is to mine it for raw material to build the future

Don’t walk into the future looking backwards telling everyone how much better it was in days gone by.

So lets do some digging. One of the best places to start is with what you already know. How can you squeeze the most out of what you have before you go chasing the next thing.

We use the example of www.BalloonWorkshopBluprint.com  This is a hands on balloon twisting experience that Julian Mather created to try and fill the empty calendar dates he experienced during school holidays. Julian took what he already knew – some very limited balloon twisting skills – and turned them into a profitable business. This experience is discussed as way to explore the greater idea of getting more income from each booking you get.


Links and resources discussed in this episode:

The War of Art – Stephen Pressfield is a must read book if you find it hard to apply yourself to improving your magic business.

Barry Friedman is a man Julian and Ken know can open your mind to understanding you can achieve a lot more in your magic business. We featured him in Episode 14 of the Magician Business Podcast
Our 30,000 foot view video we talked about. Ken and Julian made this in the USA when they were speaking at a conference. It seemed like a good idea at the time …





These are the photos that the organisations love sending home to parents.



Julian Mather ready to load up for another Balloon Twisting Workshop






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