MB 071: Effective Task Management


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Effective Task Management

In this final episode of this season, Gemma Parker had a brief coaching with Zivi on what to do to manage her tasks effectively, including multitasking and task switching.

Zivi’s suggestion could be applicable for your business too, listen now!

Zivi and Gemma share important things about Search Engine Optimization that can help get more traffic to your website.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • For some, task switching is not good but it depends on your mindset
  • Multitasking is okay as long as you get the job done
  • The problems with multitasking
  • The book “The Gift of Done”
  • From multitasking to single focus
  • Some important pointers like pausing your inbox
  • How to effectively use the scheduler or calendar
  • How to be efficient while having family and business
  • When to start hiring help
  • There’s a TON of VALUE here so make sure you listen to this final episode!!

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