MB 068: Selling Workshops for Corporate


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Selling Workshops for Corporate

In this episode, Jonah Babins had a quick coaching with Zivi on how should he approach in offering some kind of workshops for corporate teams or business teams.

Zivi’s suggestion could be applicable for your business too, listen now!

Zivi and Jonah share important things about the new market.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Jonah wants to start selling small companies a new service and eventually go into bigger market too
  • Where to start finding companies to offer it.
  • The problem that’s going to be fixed by this workshop
  • Jonah’s motivation is he knows that he can give better experience in his workshop
  • How is the experience going to be better for the customers
  • How to effectively do the follow-up game
  • How to start with email outreach and what’s effective copy
  • How to evaluate the pricing after the start phase
  • There is a TON of value in this episode that you can use to leverage your business in a new market, so LISTEN NOW!

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