MB 063: Getting into Close Up Magic


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Getting into Close Up Magic

Magic and Mentalism are two different things but Matan Rosenberg does both passionately.

Matan from Israel shares the interesting story of his journey, listen now!

Zivi and Matan shares important things Magic and Mentalism.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Matan has been into magic for 13 years now
  • Obsessing into something is a skill of his
  • Matan went into military and still had the deck of cards with him
  • He was called ‘Matan Houdini’ after the military bootcamp
  • Matan practiced up to 8 hours a day and in weekends, even more, when he was starting
  • Matan’s first magician offer was $100 and it boosted his confidence as a magician
  • Matan joined the Society of Israeli Magician when he was in the military and 19 yrs old
  • Matan’s mentor is a comedy mentalist and a close up magician
  • There is a TON of value in this episode that you can use to leverage your business using email marketing and newsletters, so LISTEN NOW!
  • Learn more about Matan here: https://magicmatan.com/en/
  • Matan also teaches close up magic in Kids Entertainer Academy.

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