MB 062: How to Leverage Your Business in the Digital World


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How to Leverage Your Business in the Digital World

With the domination of the digital in today’s marketing, it is important that you innovate, no matter what business you have.

Kids entertainer Kyle Groves from Colorado, USA had a coaching session with Zivi about how to leverage technology in his business, listen now!

Zivi and Kyle shares important things about leveraging your business through email marketing and newsletters.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Zivi shared tools you can use for email marketing and newsletters
  • How your mindset affects the emails or newsletters you send to people
  • What three topics are significant to the success of your business
  • Scheduling of events to talk about in the monthly newsletters
  • Adding images for the newsletters that add value to the events
  • How important ‘Call To Actions’ are and what is their purpose
  • How to add a story that can attract people to read your email
  • How to ‘Focus on the reader and not on you’
  • The power of sharing the exciting stuff that happened and how it can be valuable to the reader
  • There is a TON of value in this episode that you can use to leverage your business using email marketing and newsletters, so LISTEN NOW!

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