MB 061: Handling Negative Reviews


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Handling Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are sometimes a part of your growing business but you should know how to handle this. This will help you to overcome the situation when the time comes.

Kids entertainer Lauren Ann from Sydney Australia had a coaching session with Zivi about how she how to handle negative reviews, listen now!

Zivi and Lauren shares important things about negative reviews and how to properly respond to them.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Zivi shared ways in which you can perform with the same show to the same audience
  • What does Zivi do to collect feedback from his customers
  • How coming early to the show can affect how the guests give feedback
  • Why building a relationship with your clients have a very good effect on the reviews
  • Why the subcontractors also need to build relationships with the clients
  • How you can deal with subcontractors to have a good relationship with the clients
  • How Acknowledging, Apologizing and Amending works
  • There is a TON of value in this episode, an you can use these tactics to overcome negative review and to minimize the risk involved, so LISTEN NOW!

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