MB 060: Improving Your Business With Google Analytics


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Improving Your Business With Google Analytics

It’s important to know how your website is performing and knowing how Google Analytics work. This will help you market your business.

Google Analytics is an important part of monitoring your business especially when you have a website. Kids entertainer Stacie Ashlet aka Hyper Clown had a coaching session with Zivi about how she can use Google Analytics to improve her business. A TON of value in this episode, listen now!

Zivi and Stacie shares important things about how to make use of the free Google Analytics and how to use it to improve your business and website as a result.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • What Google Analytics is and how it works
  • The best timeline to check the analytics, like 30, 60 and 90 days
  • Data from Stacie’s March to July was analyzed
  • How important valuable content can vastly improve your website traffic
  • The time that visitors spent looking at your site and how important that you know how to interpret  the data
  • The different things Stacie can do to improve the visual of her website that can greatly affect the time spent by the site visitors
  • Zivi gave tips on how to make the website interesting
  • How to interpret the bounce rate and the recommendations to improve
  • How Google reacts to your improved bounce rate and traffic
  • The tabs to focus on when studying the data from Google
  • There a TON of value in this episode, Zivi did a great job helping Stacie improve her website and business, so LISTEN NOW!

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