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How To Advertise on Facebook for Magicians and Entertainers

We live in confusing times. Google is trying to become a social media platform (witness the rise of G+) and Facebook is trying to become a search engine. How? By letting you type in search terms into their HUGE database you can search for people, the exact type of person, the person who think would be your ideal customer, and design an ad for just them to see .. and hopefully they will act upon it. What is confusing is how to use Facebook ads in a way that doesn’t automatically empty your wallet with little results. In this session we will to give you some clear strategies how to avoid this. Our guest is Bryan Fulton, a  Director of Digital Marketing at  Bullet Point Branding who knows all about constructing Facebook ads specifically ones that will help entertainers. This all about targeting your potential clients. Targeted facebook ads for magicians DART   Bryan Fulton is a comedy juggler who now mixes performing with helping clients get results through their Facebook ad campaigns. It’s great when people use their chosen technology on themselves, that they practise what they preach.  Bryan has and he talks about the huge % rise in his own show bookings.

In this episode we talk about:


  • Who should use FaceBook Ads and WHY should they use it?
  • How they should use it
  • Why should people look at FaceBook ads
  • Why does it work? What is it that FB can do that other platforms can’t?
  • Why is it different to adwords
  • We hear Bryan’s own story of how they have worked for him. Going from 70 bookings per year to 125+
  • Some people are scared of the ‘big brother’ connotations of FB … should they be?


Links and resources mentioned:

Let Bryan do it for you :  Bullet Point Branding

Super simple graphic editing to make up your ads: Canva

Check out these free Canva tutorials Julian made to get you started.

Here’s the The Facebook Power Editor

The 20% text overlay checker tool that Bryan discusses. Social Media Grid Tool.

Facebook advertising guidelines.

Create all your social media graphics using this amazing social media design template … it’s very useful


…and here is some extra advice (just for you clever people who have invested the time to read this far … you get the jump on others) In reply to questions about Bryan’s comments about  starting by over bidding for ads, which is what is suggested in the interview.

Bryan says: “I always over bid to jump start the impressions its a bit of a Facebook hack that not everyone knows about, but even still Facebook is going to set the bid based on a number of things inside their algorithm so even if suggested bids are from $.50-.75 and I bid $1.00 im probably not going to be paying a dollar ill probably end up getting charged like $.60 once its all said and done. All the over bidding is doing is getting the ad jump started.

Another hack is when you see your impression count falling off ill spike my bid to like $5.00 for a few hours and it works to kind of reactivate the impressions I wont actually be paying the $5.00 of course because again Facebook will set the bid once its algorithm works it out.


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