MB 059: Packages and Giveaways for Your Show


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Packages and Giveaways for Your Show

Getting your name out there and branding come with your packages and giveaways.

Preparing your giveaways and packages starts with choosing the right materials. Kids entertainer Louise Wells had a coaching session with Zivi about how to choose the right materials, being creative and different that will leave a lasting impression.

Zivi and Louis shares important things about giveaways and packages.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • The consideration of biodegradable products for your giveaways
  • Giveaways should be something that is related to you show or magic
  • The best places to buy your things to be used for giveaways
  • products and how you can be creative with them
  • The show packages that you should offer to your customers
  • The Hotel metaphor on how they decide on their prices
  • How you can give your customer to give flexibility
  • The value-added stuff that you can use for your packages
  • What you can create using a Paper that will enhance the audience experience
  • The games you can relate to the packages to add value

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