MB 051: Marketing Congruence for Magicians with Niels Duinker


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Marketing Congruence for Magicians

Are you sending your clients mixed messages?

Niels Duinker is a professional juggler who is serious about his career. He performs theatres, casinos, cruise ships, theme parks and corporate events. He also shares the same stages that many magicians do.

Here he discusses the importance of your reputation, who you want to be associated with onstage and offstage and keeping your marketing messages congruent.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Much of what he has experienced is directly transferable to the world of magic and through his eyes we can maybe see something about ourselves that we don’t understand.
  • Is adding variety to your act a good or bad thing for the types of shows you perform?
  • Who are your favourite magic/juggling acts?
  • How difficult is it for a new person to break into your markets?
  • Has language ever been a barrier for you?
  • Did you have to work on your English as much as your juggling to move your act outside of your country onto the larger world stage?
  • What are your 3 top tips with regards to your technique, your show and your marketing?
  • What is the ONE thing you should never do?

Resources mentioned:

Corporate events in the Netherlands: www.jongleur.nl

Events/Festivals in the USA: www.jugglingshow.com

Variety shows: www.magicofjuggling.com

Teambuilding events: www.jugglingworkshop.com

Asia: www.nielsduinker.com/china

Casinos/Cruises: www.comedyjuggler.com       www.magicandjuggling.com

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