MB 048: The Business of Magician Lectures with Danny Archer


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Danny Archer Magician Business ep48

The Business of Magician Lectures with Danny Archer

Got ideas, tricks, knowledge, tips you want to share with the magic community?

Lecturing may be for you. Danny Archer is both lecturer and creator of the Magicians Lecture Network. Find out from him what makes a good lecture and an even better magic lecturer.


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In this Episode we discuss:

– Discovering what the lecture circuit is about.

– Ways to establish contacts with people in your field of magic.

– The struggles of breaking into lecturing in the connected generation.

– Identifying the differences between a lecture and a dealer demo.

– How to find a balance between giving and selling during your lecture.

– Diversifying your subject matter during your lectures to improve your chances of getting booked.

– How to discern the key differences between a club and a convention lecture.

– Following the proper performance sensibilities while performing.

– How you should prepare for a small, medium and large environment.

– Learning how to collect vital information about your target customers.

– Understanding the common mistakes made by up-and-coming lecturers.

– Being on the lookout for rising talent as a lecture booking agent.

– The ups and downs of touring full time on the lecture circuit

– Ways to start earning money as a lecturer or a booking agent.

– Dealing with fans when you are selling them a product.

– Why using a lecture to sell a product is essential to success.

– A guide on how to best price and package your products to maximise sales.

Resources mentioned:

Aldo Colombini


Mind Summit

Juan Tamariz

Everything I Know About Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy

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