MB 046: The Business of Keeping Your Magic Customers


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Greg Whatling Magician Business ep 46

The Business of

Keeping Customers

What is the cost to you of not understanding your customer?

Aside from  cut/ no cut scissors, black capes and the need for a sharp haircut, magicians and hairdressers share the common bond of being small business owners. Hairdresser Greg Whatling shares insights and painful lessons that every magician will benefit from hearing. What can magicians learn from one hairdresser’s customer catastrophe?

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Greg talks about connectors, people who will be your advocate to get other customers. They love what you do so much, they have completely bought into your story and they WANT to go out and promote you.
  • The importance of 3rd party endorsement.
  • Talk strategically to customers, stay on task and on message but do it with integrity … your guide to staying honest Greg says,  “if you don’t believe it, don’t say it.”
  • Do you really understand your customer? Greg has a clear mental picture of how his customer dresses , what shoes they wear, what cars they drive.
  • Are you just employing yourself or are you securing yourself a future?
  • June’s Story: Are you losing your most important customers without even knowing it.

5 things Greg applies to his business daily: 

  1. Hone your product
  2. Sales
  3. Education … Gain knowledge wherever you can
  4. Marketing
  5. Everyone has to have a win .. you, your staff, the media
  • Success leaves clues. Get in a mastermind group with people who know more than you.
  • Develop friendships and networks with influential people and learn to listen.
  • Beware of Google .. it can easily act as an echo chamber and give you back the answers you want to hear.

Links and resources discussed in this episode:

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