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Ep 001Andrew Smith How much do you charge

MB 01: Andrew Smith Tells How He Earns Over $1000 Per Birthday Show!


Find out how he does it and how you can earn top dollar without changing your show.

Episode 1 on Magician Business Podcast centres on a subject very near and dear to every performers heart: raising your performing fees.

Raising your prices is a scary prospect. Ken and I know, we have talked about it, shared our trepidation and done it with varying degrees of success. Our experience has been that raising our price has never reduced our volume of work. Sure, we are earning more but we are not working any less. Doing fewer shows and freeing up more of our time is where we want to be. This is why we were very keen to get our first podcast guest.

Our first guest is Balloon Entertainer Andrew Smith from Hong Kong.  Andrew shares with you his journey to asking for and getting higher fees. Yes, he did experience some reservations about increasing his fees except rather than just think about it, he did it, and by no small measure.

He took his family/private kids party fee of $350 and matched it to his corporate fees in the $1000 to $2000 bracket. Did all of a sudden the phones stop ringing?  Find out here. Listen to this episode and discover the 3 things clients said to him when he charged $350 and the 3 things they said when he charged $1000.

What a great discussion to have as out first episode as the information within is potentially career changing for many of us.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the myths surrounding booking $1000 parties .. and that these myths are generally convenient excuses that stop us from asking for higher fees
  • the idea that ‘price’ is elastic
  • putting up your fees is not enough, you need to SET your fees.
  • are you worth more than wedding flowers?
  • the brainstorming process you use to set your fees?
  • Do you need a good show or a great show to get higher fees?
  • Do you offer different packages to clients?
  • the psychology of believing YOU are worth it?

Links and Resources mentioned:

Once you have taken all these new ideas in, you can further find out if this is something for you by checking out Andrew’s book called Secrets of the $1000 Birthday Party.

Visit Andrews site Brilliant Balloons

or contact him at andrew@monsterballoon.com



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