MB 018: Marketing With Images to Get More Bookings


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Marketing With Images to Get More Bookings


80% of what your booker remembers when they visit your website is visual. This means your images, graphics and the videos are your most effective tools to covert browsers into bookers.

Colette Kelly is a professional photographer with a special skill. Colette has been photographing magic shows and magicians for over a decade and she has discovered the formula for catching the emotion of the show in an image. Colette shows us how certain images create an subconscious buying desire and how you can use them to get bookings.

Colette is married to a magician and she herself works as Doodle the lady Magician. Colette is a performer and lecturer and the official photographer for the UK Kids and Family entertainers convention Trix In the Stix.
Colette shares the secrets of big business advertisers as she describes just what it is that bookers are looking to buy from entertainers. See how a single image generated over $1000 in bookings in a 28 day period.

In this episode we talk about

  • Why bookers don’t want to book a magic show
  • Cute aggression, the concept and how to use its power
  • What the money shot is
  • How to get the money shot
  • How to use the money shot to get bookings

I hope you will find the information of use in getting great images for your website. Please feel free to share this page with colleges and friends and take the time to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to say how you are using the Money Shot in your business.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

The latest update on Magic Website Duel

Photography model release form generator! 



A fast, easy and customisable slideshow maker.



The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5, like graphics, composites, logo design , etc.!


Find your photographer here


PicMonkey Tutorial

Photographers Brief Gallery of Must Have Shots

In the Money Shot lecture notes there is a brief for a hired photographer.
Here is a gallery of a few example images that will help the photographer interpret the brief.


Example Image Gallery

Tutorial Videos

Julian Mather has kindly made us some superb videos that will give you understanding of how a camera works, how you can get great pictures for your website and how to use a free tool to make smart composite pictures. Tip: These can be viewed in full screen mode for clear detail.

How a camera works

Pictures for your website

Smart graphics and combining pictures

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