Magic Website Duel

The Magic Website Duel

MWD 01: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

This first video gives you a look at the stats in the first week. The numbers of clicks during this test phase are low in number however the percentages are interesting. This first week has had its ups and downs not least of which is that one of the sites is clearly not doing what we wanted it to do.

The good news is we are able to use the information provided by the site visitors to make some basic changes to the site and we will see in later reports whether these changes work. This is us testing what works and sharing the results with you in real time.

MWD 02: The 40 day report

40 days into the Magic Website Duel, things are hotting up. Traffic generation is pretty much sorted with all three sites getting good Adword conversions.
In this update you will see the importance of measuring. I learn some hard lessons and some home truths and I show you how one small change increased my booking enquiries by 10 percent.

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