MB 002: Magic, Money and YouTube: A Guide for Magicians


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MB 02 Magic Money and Youtube

MB 02: YouTube – The Performing Artist Guide

Jay Jay, Eric LeClerc and Julian Mather Explain How!

Youtube is growing at a rapid rate. It is something we as magicians and entertainers need to use and understand. It can help us get bookings.  That is what this podcast episode #002 will do, help you understand just what it takes to get a youtube channel up and running.

Not that you need to do that. Most people will never have to do that. Few will have the opportunity to break through the level of noise and chatter on Youtube now that makes it hard to get seen and heard. Understanding how the system works though will be very beneficial to you.

You will hear Ken and I say this over and over that the key to your improving and being successful will come from education and action rather than polishing your act to perfection. You need a good act. That goes without saying. Your time and money needs to be spent on you getting that act booked otherwise it is worth very little to you or your family.

The guests on this episode are two working magicians with successful Youtube channels. Jay Jay from Free Magic Live Videos and Eric LeClerc from Project 365. Julian of course runs Julian’s Magician School. Both Eric and Jay Jay share with you how they have used Youtube to benefit their magic careers. The discussion may surprise you. We talk candidly about amounts of income made from these channels. I’ll give you a hint, no one of us are going to retire early, not right at the moment at least.

Success though, is measured in more ways than just money.

In this episode we talk about:

  • You’ll hear about the exposure a channel can give you and the work that can come from that.
  • You’ll also discover what statistics like # of subscribers and # of views actually means. Like everywhere else online, these change and staying in front of the curve means you can produce content to suit the viewing habits of your watchers.
  • Probably one of the biggest take aways from this is that you need to approach creating a channel with a business strategy. It was interesting how Eric took his allocated marketing budget for the year and used that to fund the running of Project 365. He had a plan before he started.
  • Jay Jay shares his biggest insight into what YouTube actually wants from the videos uploaded to their platform. Knowing this will put you ahead of the pack.

If you want to get started with youtube and you have little or no experience with even the most basic of video then there is only one place for you to start

The Essential Video Guide

This begins with an introductory set of fast videos that show you how achievable it can all be. The entire process is explained in step by step detail. This is a blue print for you to  follow. And  it’s free.

Links and Resources mentioned:

Free Magic Live videos

Project 365 Eric LeClerc

Julians Magician School

The newbie on the block Ken’s Chanel

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