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Ken Scott’s Top Tips

Marketing For Magicians

Ken Scott has over 20 years of experience, performing over 350 shows a year.   He has   entertained over a million people with his unique cutting edge programs. In this interview Ken shares his successful marketing tips that keep him in front of his audience. This is an action packed episode with so much useful information shared by a man who is out there doing it all in the real world.

Ken Scott’s Website http://www.kenscottmagic.com/

Take a look at Ken Scott’s magic products http://www.kenscottproducts.com/

Plus: Ken and Julian bring you some findings.

What’s the only thing worse than singing a wrong note?  Singing it louder!

Sometimes we do this as magicians with our marketing. Advertising and web based campaigns are great examples. Pouring time and money into a faulty websites just doesn’t make sense.

Ken and I are seeing a lot of this as we examine magicians sites via our Adwords management system we are providing. To help you get some of the fundamentals right with your own website we offering this 4 point review you can apply today.

We round out the episode with a short chat to Ken Scott who has successfully married old school and new school marketing.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Landing page relevance
  • The 10 second headline message
  • Your call to action
  • Adwords leakage

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

WebMaster Tools

Google Analytics

Working on your existing show package and raise your prices like Andrew Smith said in Episode 1

Creating a new show for a new market

Starting and a client appreciation program like Joe Romano suggested in Episode 20

Working on your promo reel like Steve Russell outlines in Episode 11

Applying yourself to your branding like Scott Evans took us through in Episode 12

Working on getting great website images that convert traffic as Colette Kelly explained beautifully in

Episode 18

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