MB 050: 1 Year Anniversary Special – Ken and Julian Under the Spotlight


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Get a look behind the scenes as the hosts of the Magician Business Podcast, Ken Kelly and Julian Mather, are put in the hot seat.

This is a magician business podcast,ken kelly,Julian Mather,marketing for magicians,websites for magicians! Ken and Julian usually host the show and bring you guests but today the tables are turned as children’ entertainer Colette Kelly gets to interview the interviewers.

Ken and Julian speak openly about the first year of running Magician Business. This episode takes a transparent look at what goes on behind the scenes and you get to hear what it takes to bring you 50 episodes of the podcast to air.

In this episode:

– Ken and Julian tell how it really is (warts and all)
– Hear the truth of what has worked and what has not
– Get actionable tips that Ken and Julian use
– Hear Magician Business members questions answered
– Get a peek of what the future hold for Magician Business

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Books mentioned

The E Myth

The One Thing

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