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The Magic of Smart Business and Hard Work

How to move from $300 to $5K gigs

Today’s guests are 2 people who didn’t give into the resistance that stops so many of us from playing bigger and earning higher fees. They are now earning manyfold what they were just 12 months ago.

Theirs is a story about taking a leap of faith, of leaving secure employment to follow dreams, of putting information into action rather than just sitting on it.

Jason and Stacy Alan from Akron, Ohio – the rubber capital of the world – put into practice what Ken and I call the trio that is becoming a common thread among the success stories we are hearing from people on the MB journey:

Educate …make foundational mind shifts

Activate … take action

Evaluate … measure and adjust your course

In this episode we talk about

  • How listening to 3 teenage girls helped them fill a 400 seat theatre.
  • Hashtags, touchpoints and Machine Gun Kelly: do you know how they can help you get more bookings?
  • 90% success with a client is about your relationship
  • How to make a magic marriage work
  • How to leave your job to pursue your magic dream
  • Clever ways to use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Some super tips for setting up your own show
  • The benefits of having your family support you
  • How to improve your act a minute a month

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

Jason and Stacy’s site   http://jasonalanmagic.com/

Stacey’s Blog   http://www.sweattogetherstaytogether.com

Barry Friedman IV  https://www.magicianbusiness.com/barry-friedman/

Ventiloquist: Tom Crowl  http://www.corporate-ventriloquist.com/

Instagram  http://instagram.com/

The book Jason uses on Social Media:   500 Social Media Marketing Tips


Jason and Stacy Alan doing some Magician Business

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