MB 055: How To Raise Your Fees For Professional Magicians


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How To Raise Your Fees For Professional Magicians

 Magician Business Podcast: How To Raise Your Fees For Professional Magicians

Without a doubt the topic of how to raise your fees as a professional magician is one of the most talked about and yet it is likely the least acted upon.

Israel magician Zivi Kivi (Zivi Raviv) has doubled his performing fees within 5 years and here he shares what he calls his Champion Building System that turns bookers into brand evangelists by giving them the tools to sing your praises as a performer.

Zivi is a children’s and family performer. The process he outlines here can be adapted to suit many styles of magic performance. The power of this marketing process lies in its simplicity.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • The magic market in Israel where a standard price for a Children’s birthday party is US$250. Zivi averages $500 to $700 per booking once he stopped playing the price competition game
  • What is the Champion Building System?
  • Value adding what you offer
  • Creating a personalized movie clip that summarizes the event for each birthday.
  • Customizing and personalizing the service you offer your client
  • How you can turn a one day event into a 3 day event that keeps your marketing front of mind with your clients.
  • You’ll hear the story of the family watching the video 250 times.
  • It’s the same amount of effort to think small as it does to think big.
  • The reasons not to include this as an upsell
  • How to overcome the problem of getting permission to video client’s children
  • The power of using a marketing script.
  • Using an iPhone to shoot, edit and upload a video of your magic show. Get this – it takes 20 minute to do.
  • What are the key shots you must get? What shots get the best reaction from parents?
  • Do you need a 2nd person to video for you and how to find them?
  • What benefits are there? Here are four:1. Since all of your shows are being documented via a video camera then you have the opportunity to watch yourself live in front of an audience and improve your content and your show.2. Since you know you are “live” on camera, you smile more and act bigger. You also choose better looking props and more visual material.3. Since you have the kids pictures on a video clip you can EASILY customize a thank you letter and do a follow up 1-2 year later more easily.4. It’s an opportunity for building a relationship with the customer (more points of communication with him).

Resources mentioned:

Andrew Smith The $1000 birthday party magician Business podcast Episode 1

See examples of the short videos that Zivi sends to his customers

Zivi will be giving away two sets of lecture notes that explain the system by heart (for people who share how they personalize their service).

Champion Building System by Zivi Kivi on Magician Business

To earn yourself one of these set of lecture notes you need to go to the comments section lower down this page and share how you personalize your show for individual clients.

Zivi will choose 2 Magician Business listeners who show they have really put some thought into making their package stand out from their competition.

Winners will be notified by email on the 1st August.

Magician Business exclusive special offer … Pizza Calculator.

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Pizza Calculator plugin for WordPress. This allows you to embed a calculator into your site and give details to parents on how many pizzas they should buy for their party.

The calculator takes into account the kids age, the amount of kids, and whether parents will eat too or not, and it is customizable for each magician website.

This plugin allows you to give more value to your customer as you encourage them to go into your site and you can help them save money by not buying TOO many pizzas.

The cost for this plugin is 47USD but for Magician Business listeners it is 27 USD (a saving of 20 USD).

Use the special code MBP when asked at Zivi’s checkout.

This is guaranteed by Zivi. If you are not completely happy he will refund your money.  He will also give you technical support if you need a hand.

Pizza-Calculator magician Business Special Offer for Zivi Kivi

To purchase the CBS (Champion Building System) E-book

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