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Google Authorship Explained

Did you watch the important videos about what happens when you try to manipulate Google?

Do you remember one of the important take always was that social relevance is now an important factor for Google determining whether you rank well in their search results?

Here’s a very useful and easy way for you to begin gaining that social relevance as a magician, juggler, cartoonist …. You also get the benefit of having a little picture of yourself come up as part of your organic Google searches and research shows you are more likely to get clicked on is there is a picture of your face.


Google Authorship is a pilot program being tested now that links your Google+ profile up with content you create. If you create good, helpful, useful content then it seems Google will look favourably upon this and treat you as a valuable asset to creating a better internet.

Here’s the process to get you up and running …


1. Sign up for  Google+ account 

2. Add your websites to the links section

3. Add your name to a common section of your site

4. Link your name to your Google+ account

5. Test using the Google snippet tool


Side note: There is no doubt that this will work in Google’s favour to make more money. To anyone still worried about the big brother connotations of Google having all the information on you, I say again, just get over it. These are the tools we have at this point in history. So many are using them to create a positive difference. Never before has it been as easy to have your voice heard. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

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