Fast Tips

Fast Tips

Fast Tips is the best information, from the most reliable source, brought to you in bite size chunks. Reliable, informative and actionable tips that you can use to inform your magician business.

 Want To Put On Your Own Show?

Keith Fields had a vision to have his own show. He pitched the idea to the owners of a theater in the resort town of Gaitlinburg, Tennessee.

Here here shares some nuggets of wisdom he learnt from the experience.


How do you get ticket sales to your theatre show when you are just starting out??

Back of room sales are an important source of extra money for any theater magician.


What’s holding you back from staging your own magic show?


Back-Room Sales

Michael Finney lays out his strategy for designing your magic routines to include props that can then be sold in back of room sales to the audience after the show.

Not only do you get great magician business tips you also get performing tips and audience management tips.

School Assembly Shows

Doug Scheer shares a simple and effective way to get his marketing material into the hands of the teachers and principals who will book him.


Restaurant Tips

The magician’s role at a restaurant is more than just doing tricks. Understanding what is expected of a magician by hotel management will give you a greater chance of being employed. Strolling magic and in your hand tricks are just the start of it. This knowledge improves your chances of getting a restaurant magician job.

The best way for a magician to find out what a restaurant needs from their magic services is to ask a restaurant manager. Andrew cox has been managing restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs and clubs for over 20 years.

Listen to what he wants to hear from magicians when they apply for strolling work at a restaurant. Is the magic tricks he is interested in? Is it great customer service? Is it keeping guest happy with your magic and humour? What tips will help your restaurant magician salary? What tricks do you need?


Andrew Cox is a restaurant manager who hires many magicians. In this series of Fast Tips Andrew shares what a restaurant manager is looking for when hiring a close-up table magician.

How to turn your restaurant gig into a residency by understanding your bookers needs.

Get paid more by knowing what a restaurant needs from a strolling or table hopping magician.

What a restaurant manager really wants to know when booking a magician for table magic.

Important business tips you need to know as a magician. What is a restaurant magician salary?