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John Kaplan Magician Business Fundraising Magic

Fundraising Magic Shows

with John Kaplan

Learn the system that turns family fun into thousands of dollars for Schools and Community groups and creates an income for magicians

John Kaplan has been touring Canada for 35 years riding on the back of the fundraising needs of schools and community groups. These groups get a  fun way to raise their much needed funds and John gets to sell his family show at corporate rates to a market used to budgeting lower fees. Maybe this win / win business model will appeal to you.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Understanding the old tele marketing approach to promoting fund raising shows to better understand why there are better ways to approach this market.
  • Understand the apprenticeship system that can exist in magic
  • What sort of show do you need to enter the fundraising market?
  • Do your need to tour a show? or can you make this work for you locally?
  • How to get into doing fundraising events
  • What different ways are there to financially structure fundraising events
  • What is the market for fundraisers?
  • What are the methods that best reach this market?
  • Who is your competition?
  • What options to you give your clients to raise money?
  • How do you create a compelling reason for your potential clients to book you.
  • How to brand yourself in the fundraising market
  • What do you need to bring for the event.
  • What do you provide to clients to help them market and raise money
  • Why testimonials are so important
  • What paperwork is required & how do you manage it
  • The importance of auto responders

Links and resources discussed in this episode:

John’s Facebook 

John Kaplan Products

John Kaplan Program Line

John Kaplan Fundraising Gourse

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