MB 038: Linkedin for Magicians with Mark Williams


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Linkedin For Magicians

How To Benefit From This Networking and Connection Tool

Mark Williams is a LinkedIn trainer for top level business executives. Mark shares cutting edge ideas and strategies that magicians can use to bypass some common mistakes and to speed up your networking that leads to bookings.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Where does LinkedIn fit?   Is it a social media tool?
  • How important is building relationships and growing a network?
  • What has LinkedIn got in common with a pirate ship?
  • Mark’s business card story that explains some of the benefits of having a LinkedIn account.
  • This can be your first impression for many business deals. Make sure you make a good one.
  • How to set up your LinkedIn account so you craft and build an effective profile
  • What image should you use in your profile?
  • Should you use your stage name or your birth name?
  • How you should optimize the 120 characters in your headline?
  • What are first tier and second tier connections ?
  • Can you use your promo video more effectively?

Links and resources discussed in this episode:


Mark’s website Winbusinessin.com    You can get your free copy of his 5 Linkedin tips there

Special offer until 20.2.15 … write your Linkedin headline and post it in the comments below on this page. Mark will do a free assessment and offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.

You can find out more about our latest project at Kids Entertainer Hub


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