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Educational Magic For Corporate, Trade Show, Motivational, Sponsorship and School Magicians

 Special giveaway and discount details at bottom of this page    It’s not often you get to introduce your guest like this: “He’s lousy at sleight of hand, he has the grace of an ox, and the only reason he looks good sometimes is because he married a beautiful woman.” Those are Doug’s word’s; not mine. When I first thought about contacting Doug for this podcast I jotted down ‘school magic shows’ next to his name. Then I read his new book titled Entertaining Education: a comprehensive guide to creating and performing educational magic Wow, wow , wow.  It is an eye opener. The use of education in magic or more correctly, magic in education, is much more em-compassing than I had imagined. It’s so much bigger. This book is an education in itself  relevant to:

  • Trade Show Performers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Corporate Training
  • Sponsorship Performers
  • School Show Performers

This is my favourite quote from the interview

I am not that worried about people knowing who I am , I am worried about them finding my showDoug Scheer

In this episode we talk about:

  • Doug’s 18 years of trade show magic following in the footsteps of Karrell Fox and Johnny Thompson
  • What is success in magic?
  • Why laser focusing on a target market brings benefits
  • The 5 categories of educational magicians
  • Why doing educational magic is just as hard as performing comedy magic
  • How to write effective educational presentations
  • How to use the Substitution Trunk illusion in educational shows
  • 5 ways to present educational routines so the magic supports the message
  • 6 elements of drama critical to your show’s success
  • How to market your education show to schools
  • Should you call yourself a magician??
  • Creating effective promo videos for your education show website
  • Publicity photos: what should you use on your website?
  • How much should you charge?
  • Should you put your prices on your website?

Links and resources mentioned:

AssemblyShows.com – Doug’s School Shows

Diversity Circus – Doug’s character education show

Wacky Science Show – This Doug’s show that has franchise opportunities for  magicians serious about production and performance quality

Toastmasters – International Public Speaking organization Julian belongs to

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