Close-Up Magic Course Launch

Yes, There’s Money In Magic!

How To Make Great Money Performing Amazing Close-Up Magic To Adult Guests At Events & Parties

Even If You’ve Never Performed A Magic Trick In Your Life!

From: Zivi Kivi, Owner –

Dear Future Professional Close-Up Magician,

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping up to the next level of kids or adult entertainment by mastering magic and the business of being a professional magician … this is the most exciting thing you’ll read today. 

Here’s why: Matan Rosenberg is your course leader. He is one of the most highly-regarded pros in the business and a close-up magician for 14 years.  And he’s been training magicians in the art of close-up for the past 11 years. Now, Matan Rosenberg has put his magic smarts into Close-Up Magic. He’s ready to show you how to become an in-demand professional close-up magician – and he holds nothing back. Not a thing.

“Is this course for me?”

It could be that you’re a professional magician or mentalist already. And you’re looking for that tiny edge to help make you an extra $100, $200, $500, even $1000 or more in fees for your show. Or maybe you’ve tried professional magic before and failed. You don’t know why. But we have a hunch. And let me tell you – it’s not your fault. Why? Because you have been lied to. 

We’ve all been lied to. You have been led to believe that simply buying a bag full of tricks, DVD’s, eBooks and other digital downloads, plus attending those expensive conventions – and suddenly, like magic, you can show up as a Close-Up Magician. What has that done to your confidence?

Breathe a welcome sigh of relief. Because that’s where we come in. Everything you need for skill and confidence is in our course! Not only the tricks but the RIGHT tricks to suit the right situation.

You’ll not only learn the best close-up magic and how to perform it – but we also guide you through the business of being a professional close-up magician. Which means you’ll soon be learning the correct ways to practice and rehearse the many tricks we teach you – but how to present yourself as a professional magician; how to effectively ‘sell’ yourself to new gig buyers; how to approach a table of guests who may be in the middle of dining, and much, much more.

Introducing: Close-Up Magic (parts 1 & 2)

1. Close-up Magic – Find Your Passion (nine video based training modules with a total of 79 teaching topics

2.Close-up Magic – The Professional (eight video based training modules with a total of 62 teaching topics)

A Total Of 141 Self-Paced Teaching Videos To Help You Perform Amazing Close-Up Magic To Adults – At Higher Paying Gigs!

Studying this complete, two-part course are skills – regardless of your current skill-level –  will take you one step up in your entertainment and performances. Get ready to learn amazing close-up magic and jaw-dropping routines that will leave your guests and audiences in awe.

If you want to “crack the magician’s code” that keeps close-up magic pros like Shin Lim and James Brown astonishing people time after time …

If you want to amaze people with such mesmerizing close-up magic so they’ll be talking about your magic for days, weeks, and months to come … and they won’t forget you!

If you want to build your entertainer business with close-up magic skills you own forever … skills that earn you instant respect, more gigs, and higher fees … 

You will want to keep reading.

There’s One Unbreakable Rule About Learning Magic!

Learning close-up magic is the easy part with a comprehensive video-based training course like ours. But, unless you are committed to practicing and rehearsing your new skills – you WILL fail. No matter where you are now, skill-wise… you can easily become a professional close-up magician within 3 – 6 months with the Close-Up Magic course. We guarantee it.  But, unless you practice and rehearse what we teach … it’s a waste of time, energy, and money enrolling. Blunt, but true.

“I’m interested. Show me what’s in the course.”

Course #1: Find Your Passion for Close-Up Magic (79 topics) including:

  • Hazing
  • Card Magic Terminology 
  • Classic palming with coins 
  • Marked, gaffed and locator cards
  • The ambitious card routine performance
  • Psychological tip – rewriting history
  • plus 73 more!

Course #2: Let’s Go Pro & Get Paid More (62 topics) including:

  • Introduction to the professional close-up magic environment
  • How to approach a group – scripted option
  • Dealing with rejection in perspective
  • Cocktail plus table hopping (table service, no buffet)
  • The business side – pro tips
  • Professional grade tricks for the cocktail environment
  • plus 56 more!

“Tell me again – who is magician, Matan Rosenberg?”

Matan Rosenberg, your course leader, has been performing close-up magic professionally for 14 years. He is considered a technical genius of magic skills. One who can work his magic in any given situation. The hallmark of a true close-up magician. Apart from performing magic professionally, Matan has been training other magicians in close-up magic for the past 11 years. Entertainers and magicians who want to become proficient in close-up magic. 

His ‘teaching of magic’ career includes instruction in the Israeli Society of Magicians, and in magic clubs in South America. He also has been an instructor of Kids Entertainers for the past 12 months on the topic of close-up magic through the Kids Entertainer Academy. 

Matan has a passion for helping his students get predictable results.

“It’s not about making the magician look good before their audience and guests” says Matan. “It’s about guiding the magician on how to use the tools of a close-up artist for getting the most important result of all – an amazed and totally entertained group of people.”Matan says there are two camps to the teaching of magic. One focuses on techniques. The other is presentation. Matan’s approach is different. “I teach from the middle ground,” he says. “My approach is an integration of the two – technique and presentation – a well balanced combination of both. It has worked spectacularly well for me and my students for over 10 years now. It’s a proven winning formula!”

Listen To What Other Students Have To Say …

“I was already a kids entertainer who never had the confidence to try doing close-up magic at gigs. Since taking Matan’s course I am finally getting into it. My confidence is growing with every new gig.”Hilel, Kids & Adults Entertainer, New York.

“Matan’s course has taken me from having a mentalism stage show to now having the tools and confidence to perform close-up gigs and because I’m actually doing it, I’m now positioned to properly market myself with bigger entertainment packages that includes both close-up and a stage show. As a result I’m making more money which helps support my 3 kids.” – Eli, The Amazing Eli, Tel Aviv

What Does Your Default Future Look Like?

We all have a default future. It’s the future you’re likely to have if you do nothing different to what you have been doing. It is like that saying, “If nothing changes – nothing changes.” One thing we know for certain. What ever got you to this point in life will not get you to a better place in 6, 12, 24, or 48 months from now. Presuming you want to be doing better in the near future.

Can you handle a bit of truth right now? Have you got a burning desire? A feeling that you would really like to be doing more. And doing it better than the last time you tried? Here’s the truth – unless you do something different today then you could find yourself stuck where you are now – in the same situation years from now. Because of not taking the right action to fulfill your potential. 

Has this been you? Every time you see a new trick being released to the market you snap it up – only to feel the same shame as last time about just buying more tricks without putting them to use?

Maybe you already have enough tricks stored away – tricks you could use for putting together up to 10 different shows. And for performing close-up magic in dozens of varying situations. Yet, you don’t even remember all the tricks you bought and when. They just gather dust in that special place you have for storing your magic tricks. I know what that is like. Yes, I’ve done the same thing myself. Until one day I woke up to what was really going on. Is it time for you to wake up too?  Stop the rot. Make a move. Be an action taker. Enroll in Close-Up Magic and create a different future!

Stop Wasting Time And Money!

Stop wasting money buying more magic tricks at $10, $20, or $30 and never using them in your gigs. Stop watching badly made free or cheap ‘how-to’ magic videos that don’t really get you the result you want. Stop dreaming about ‘one day’ becoming a close-up professional magician but doing next to nothing with what you bought. Be an action taker and start your move into close-up magic the proper way. Be on your way to getting paid more for your gigs as a pro close-up magician.

Enroll in Close-Up Magic today – do what we teach you – and we confidently predict you can be performing close-up gigs like a pro within 90 days – and earning an EXTRA $1,000 per month within 180 days. Even if you are not normally fond of card and coin tricks. Or if you’ve never performed a single magic trick to an audience in your life!

By Now You’re Probably Wondering What The Investment Is

Here’s everything included in Close-Up Magic for a one-time payment of only $401 USD

  • Course #1: Find Your Passion for Close-Up Magic (79 topics)
  • Course #2: Let’s Go Pro & Get Paid More (62 topics)
  • 24/7 Online Access to all course materials 
  • Email Support whenever you need it – and with prompt replies
  • Membership To The Private FB Group where Matan helps you and your peers
  • Marketing And Self-promotion Ideas including flyers, info on outreach, and EPK examples

Lifetime Access any hour of any day online, anywhere – 365 days. For life!

Try Close-Up Magic Without Risk For 30 Days!

If within 30 days you are not 100% happy or don’t think it’s a great course, you don’t like it for any reason – maybe you don’t like Matan, whatever – simply let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. If you are not 100% satisfied then we don’t want your money.

But, Wait! There’s More … We’ll Guarantee It For 6 Months! If you continue studying the Close-Up Magic course topics past the first 30 days, we’ll ride with you for another 150 days. That’s right. A full six months in total. So, what does that mean?

If within six months you can look me in the eye via email and tell me of at least three strategies that you implemented exactly as the course instructs – that did not work for you, we’ll still give you 100% of your money back. Yes, even up to six months after your date of enrollment.

That’s Your No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

This program includes a total of 141 self-paced teaching videos containing lessons from Matan Rosenberg’s knowledge, experience, and wisdom after 14 years of performing and 11 years of teaching close-up magic. Matan has spent tens of thousands of dollars to acquire his level of professional skill and know-how. He charges private clients $XXX per hour for one-on-one training. Yet, you have access to everything he knows for not 5000, not 1000, not even 500 dollars. Only $401 USD – and Matan’s Close-Up Magic course is yours as of today.

Okay, Here’s What To Do Next

To enroll in Close-Up Magic simply complete your payment of $401 USD via the safe and secure check-out page. in a new tab)

PS Earn great money and thrill your guests and audiences like never before as a confident, skilled, and professional close-up magician. Enroll in Close-Up Magic today for only $401 USD.

PPS Don’t invest in this program if you don’t want to put any work into it. It will work for you as it has for others but you’ve got to do the work. We are most serious about this. Skilled magic requires practice and rehearsal. Do what we tell you when we tell you and how we tell you and you will be 100% satisfied with your results. Remember, we guarantee it. The risk is on us!

PPPS Here are answers to questions we get asked a lot:

Q: I can buy videos for only $25. Why should I pay hundreds for your course?
A: Because we guarantee you’ll get bigger results. Instead of ‘yet another magic video’ you end up disappointed – imagine what it will feel like to be making an extra $1000 each month from close up gigs after learning all you need to know.

Q: I’m shy and worry about performing in public. Can this course still help me?
A: If you have the bug to perform close-up magic like a pro, but you are an introvert, you can still become an amazing performer with what our course teaches. It will actually help you overcome shyness!

Q: Does this course show me how to market and promote myself as a close-up magician?
A: It sure does, including a Facebook™ group with Matan and Zivi Kivi to guide you in the process.

Q: I’ve already bought lots of magic tricks and didn’t get to perform for money in a close-up situation. How will I make it work this time?
A: Don’t be a victim of ‘sunk cost fallacy’ – where you think a sum of money you’ve paid in the past must be relevant to your decisions about the future. This course is designed to get you results if you put in the work and do what is explained. If you do – we guarantee you will get results!

Q: I am afraid to buy a course that requires a lot of my time. I’m already busy. What’s your answer?
A: Can you afford not to buy the course? How much do you need the extra money – or the feeling that you finally fulfilled your dreams? If you are committed to your dream the time will be there once you invest in this proven system.

Q: Are the tricks easy to learn?
A: Some are easier than others. Others are easy to learn but harder to master. We believe practice is the key. Remember that classic joke about one of New York City’s landmark concert venues? “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.”

Q: What support is there after I start the course?
A: Private Facebook™ group access. Q&A session every 1 month for 6 full months. Practice sessions that are pre-recorded. Email support. Heck – you can even WhatsApp me (Zivi) on +972542271336. Here is Matan’s number +972528282128 – you can WhatsApp him too. How’s that for genuine support?

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