Building a Website

Websites For Magicians – What’s Best and WHY? Julian Mather talks about why he and Ken Kelly use and recommend Bluehost and Wordpress for building a website just right for the professional magician. (Hint: It’s probably not the reason you are thinking!) We LOVE Bluehost for many reasons, the biggest of all is the great [...]

Google Authorship Explained Did you watch the important videos about what happens when you try to manipulate Google? Do you remember one of the important take always was that social relevance is now an important factor for Google determining whether you rank well in their search results? Here’s a very useful and easy way for you [...]

Whats Your Plan? We magicians are a strange breed. We think we can do it all ourselves. We think we can put on theatre shows without the help of a director. We think we can just put up a website and that is our marketing done. We think we are the only business that doesn’t [...]

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