MB 054: Branding For Magicians with Billy Diamond


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Magician Business Podcast Episode 054: randing For Magicians with Billy Diamond

Branding For Magicians with Billy Diamond

Going beyond a logo. Branding for magicians is more than signage and stage banners.


Who are you? How are you branding yourself as a magician?

Billy Diamond opens up about the obstacles and struggles that we all face in creating our magic careers and how this can lead us to thinking about what it is that makes us unique and how we can capitalise on that as magicians.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Billy Diamond’s first magic book he purchased at 12 years old … you’ll be surprised at what is was
  • At age 12 Billy realised he had to stand out as different. How old were you when you had this realization?
  • Deciding what is important in your life and letting this guide you in making your career decisions.
  • Branding and creating a consistent theme in how you present yourself.
  • Using the idea of product placement to get your message across in a subtle and effective way.
  • Can you improve on your signage, stage banner and backdrops?
  • Are there ways you can include your branding in your tricks?
  • Can you create photo opportunities that help brand your magic business?
  • Are you using QR codes and tags? What are they? Do you need them?
  • Are you thinking just about you, or are you thinking about what your client thinks and needs and using this in your marketing?
  • Hear about how Billy designs props to include magician’s names.
  • Hear how the trapdoor gag evolved into a range of products that promote magicians.
  • Using Facebook and social media in your branding.
  • What are the stumbling blocks for magicians and entertainers when it comes to branding? Do you need a lot of money to brand?

Resources mentioned:

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