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Barry Friedman Entertainer Business Advice


How To See Business and Marketing In A New Light

Once in a while you meet someone who has a profound influence on changing the way you think. For me (Julian) this was Barry Friedman.

In this edition of the Magician Business podcast discover how you are probably the ONLY person who doesn’t realise how much bigger and better you can be with your life in your business and your performing.

I signed up to Barry Friedman’s Show Biz Blue Print course in 2012 and it was quite a pivotal time for the second half of my life.

A few years earlier I had left  my Television career to start up as a full time magician. I was nose down bum up involved in making that work to create a steady income plus I was pretty happy and satisfied …except for one thing ….

I had ideas about magic and I wanted to get them out there but I felt like the relative new kid on the block. In my mind I had precluded myself from sharing these ideas because I felt like I didn’t have the authority to do so.

Some questioned my joining for his courses as they focus on Corporate arena while I am kids / family and I pretty much had no ambition to do corporate. Barry’s thoughts and ideas resonated with me so I signed up, in all honesty, feeling a little inadequate.

It wasn’t long into things that Barry helped me realise that I, like everyone one of us, has an authentic story. If I shared this in my own unique voice then I have all the authority in the world to get out there and start sharing. The short of it all is that I am here today talking to you.

It really is exciting to be bringing Barry Friedman onto your radar. Soak up what he has to say.

In this episode we talk about

  • Taking personal responsibility by owning what you say. Does the example Barry gives sound like you?
  • How using free Google Alerts     http://www.google.com.au/alerts  can give you the competitive edge when pitching to potential clients.
  • The use of funnels, especially after the show. You are missing golden opportunities if you don’t do this.
  • Why producers need you as much as you need them
  • Why you should get a Linked In Business Account to research potential clients
  • Remove limiting beliefs by addressing the stories you carry through your life that hold you back
  • The value of mastermind groups

Links and resources discussed in this episode


The simple process of doing completions. What are they. Listen to the 5 simple questions that Bill Lamond taught him.

Don McMillan – This is the engineer who focused on his niche to build an entertaining career

The War of Art  by Stephen Pressfield  – this book will clearly let you identify what it is that is holding you back

Get More Corporate Gigs – 7 day Free Course

Show Biz Blue Print

Raspyni Brothers – Barry’s performing website

Raspyni TED video  – See Barry in action at one of his early TED events


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