5 Minute Website

A website in 5 Minutes

Putting You in Control of Your Website

In this video I explain why we use Bluehost for our websites. The success of your magician business relies on you being able to edit and adjust your website and then measure what is converting into bookings. If you have a website that was built by someone else and you are not able to get in and make changes then you are flying blind. I have found that website design companies do not understand the market of an entertainer and often websites look fine but they just don’t convert visitors into bookers. Is your website doing what you want it to do? If not then it may be time to take control yourself. Luckily this is not a difficult process and in the below video I show you how you can have a working website within 5 minutes. The beauty of this is that if you already have a domain name and website that you are using, you can transfer it for free.

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Once you have a website that you control, the next step is to customise it.
Check out the EZ WordPress Guide below.

EZWPGuideWithButton400x248 Of course there are other companies that provide web hosting and website setup and it is always foot o check what suits you best before making a decision. We have found Bluehost to be priced competitively with good customer service and security. If you do decide to check Bluehost out and you do use our affiliate link, then we thank you.