MB 014: The Business of Wedding Magic with Andi Gladwin


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Do you do magic at weddings?

The business of magic at weddings is worth big money in the United Kingdom. In this episode of Magician Business Podcast, one of England’s top working pro magicians tells you how he successfully targets the wedding magic market and how you can do the same.

Wikipedia describes Andi Gladwin as “a professional British close-up magician, lecturer, publisher and performer. He has appeared on television numerous times, has lectured for magicians throughout the UK, US and Europe and written / published several books on magic”.

Although the wiki description of Andi is accurate, it fails to capture his generous nature and his dedication to the betterment of the art we know as magic.

When I emailed Andi to ask if he would be willing to share some business advice for magicians on the topic of “doing magic at weddings” he replied with a “yes” in less than 5 minutes.

We speak about a range of topics including Andi’s writing, he shares about the upcoming column called “Magicana” for the Genii Magazine and about the 4 books scheduled for publication this coming year.

Andi Gladwin understands the business of being a magician. He successfully balances close-up and corporate performances, wedding magic and runs his publishing company called Vanishing Magic.

In this interview Andi reveals how he uses his downtime productively and you will learn how to turn a car journey to your show into a time of professional development for your magician business.

You will learn the insider tips from a professional wedding magician. Hear firsthand how Andi Gladwin differentiates himself from his competition and how he personalises his correspondence to increase bookings.

In this episode we talk about

  • The “film on the cutting room floor” concept
  • The importance of substance over style
  • The new trick that Andi Gladwin is planning to bring to market and why he waited 20 years to release it
  • What the rest of the world can learn from UK wedding magicians
  • How to sell a show into the wedding market
  • How to work with other wedding professionals and get exposure
  • What to put on your website and why

Links and resources discussed in this episode

Genii Magazine

Vanishing Inc

Multiple Revelation Project

Andi’s Gladwin’s website

Freakonomics podcast

Connect with Andi on his Facebook page

Follow Andi on Twitter

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  • What a fantastic interview!! I have my first wedding show in November (Childrens/Family Show) Some great tips on this podcast to help leverage these sorts of shows into more. Also great stuff in general for all aspects of Magician Business. I’ll be listening to this one again because I am sure there was stuff that I missed.

    • Ken Kelly

      I agree with Steve, this is such good information on so many aspects of running a magic business.

  • I almost didn’t listen to this because there really isn’t much of a wedding market for magic here in the US.

    I’m glad I didn’t skip it because Andi shared much more than just about weddings. And what he did share is GOLDEN!

    With magic on the rise (two magic shows starting on television this week and a live show on Broadway starting later this year) it seems like it might be a great time to test the wedding market.

    • Same thing Bart, I just thought everyone knew that wedding magic was an option. Glad we are giving it some more oxygen.

  • I must admit, like Bart, I almost didn’t listen to this episode as weddings aren’t even on my radar. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned since getting these podcasts, it is that every episode is guaranteed to have at least one brilliant, actionable piece of advice, even if the main topic isn’t my area. You almost need to re-badge this episode as a podcast on marketing, customer service, and finding and working a niche market – although the broad topic is weddings there is a lot here for everyone. I normally listen to the podcasts in the car, but I think I’m going to have to listen to this one again at home with a pen and paper. Thank you Andi Gladwin for your generous sharing.

    I also appreciated the candid chat at the start of the interview about the ups and downs of running your own business – specifically how to manage when you are sick, and the need to somehow programme in some flexibility and breathing space into the schedule. As someone working a full time job and trying to build a business on the side, I can relate to this!

    Thanks again for keeping the great episodes rolling.

    • That’s interesting Andrew that wedding magic wasn’t on your radar. It just reinforces to me that I must ALWAYS keep in check that what I know is not common knowledge. Thanks for the wake up call.

  • By the way, I also want to say how fascinating I am finding the website duel. My website is not yet doing what I want it to do, so I am following this with a lot of interest.

    • There is some interesting stuff coming out of the MWD, it will be good to have you along Andrew.

  • I’m
    going to post 3 links that I think people will find relevant to working
    wedding fairs and working weddings, all from another UK magician – Dominic Reyes. Two of the links include options to get free ebooks that go even further into the subject.




    • Thanks for sharing all this Bart … Dominic is doing good work

  • Love that sharing great content is at the forefront of this interview. Sharing is the single best way to separate ourselves from the competition. From ebooks to free party planning guides you can’t go wrong with sharing!

  • Good podcast but I was a little bit, just a little bit disappointed…. only because my business is geared towards kids so I was hoping to hear something in those lines. I have to say, for a such a young man, he’s done really well!

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