Websites For Magicians

Websites For Magicians – What’s Best and WHY?

Julian Mather talks about why he and Ken Kelly use and recommend Bluehost and WordPress for building a website just right for the professional magician.

(Hint: It’s probably not the reason you are thinking!)

We LOVE Bluehost for many reasons, the biggest of all is the great after sales service yo get. If you have a problem they get onto it straight away and they stick with you until you are happy. That sort of service is priceless when you are in a jam.

Did you know you can start a website in less that 5 minutes?

Click Here and Ken will show you how.

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Julian Mather

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  • Great video and it makes a lot of sense! Do you want to spend months trying to see if you can (maybe) save a dollar or two a month or (maybe) get slightly better performance? You know that this works because there are many people using it, and if Julian and Ken says it works, it does! I’m moving my site over when it expires in a couple of months (I had paid for a year), not because I’m really dissatisfied with anything from the current place, but I’d rather be someplace where I know I can ask for help from people doing the same thing I’m trying to do.