The Essential Video Guide For Magicians

Video Guide For Magicians

Video Guide for Magicians and Entertainers

A step by step guide to get more bookings using  video and the free power of YouTube

Julian Mather here … Video is fast becoming the new language on the internet. You need to be able to speak the language to compete. Ignore it and at worst you might not even survive. At best you will feel like a stranger in a strange land. A lot of people can tell you the ins and outs of video but most really don’t know which are the important ones. Here is your ESSENTIAL guide to understanding video basics that will put you in control … And it’s all done in language that is easy to follow.

Quick Links

  • How To Look Better In Your Videos? 3 Simple But Mostly Overlooked Tips (Below)
  • Thousands Have Shot Good Looking Video With a Smart Phone – Why Not You? (Below)
  • Don’t Buy A Video Camera Until You See This (Below)
  • Tired of Confusing Camera Settings? Follow This Simple Rule (Below)
  • Get Great Website Photos For $0 (Below)
  • How To Build Website Traffic With Video (Below)
  • The Step By Step Guide to Turning FAQs Into Traffic Generating Videos (Below)
  • How To Edit a Video The Easy Way
  • The Safe Easy Way To Add Music To Your Video
  • How To Upload A Video To YouTube

By the end of this course within a course you WILL be using video to effectively get more bookings.

… and here are the 5 main ways we will do this. Esential Video Guide for Magicians and Entertainers 1. Using YouTube videos to drive traffic to your website 2. Creating a show reel that sells you when that traffic arrives at your website. 3. Collecting all important client testimonials 4. Using video to deliver a killer quote that words alone cannot. 5. Employing video to teach your knowledge inside and outside of magic (If you are over 40 you will be astounded at just how much you know that other people don’t know and are desperate to know) Let’s get going right away. I want you to see just how achievable this can be. This is all faster, easier and cheaper than you might think …

How To Look Better In Your Videos? 3 Simple But Mostly Overlooked Tips

This doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, quite the opposite …

Thousands Have Shot Good Looking Video With a Smart Phone – Why Not You?

Now you know how easy this can be, have a look at how I have planned this out for you. What we are going to do and why it will get you bookings. After that I will go into step by step detail on exactly HOW you will do this.

How To Shoot Good Video – Tips and Techniques in Language That is Easy To Understand

The good news: video is not hard.  Not like writing is hard. I would never say to you I can teach you to write well but I can teach you to make video well because it really is process driven. Follow the steps and you will end up with a pretty decent product. I am confident I can show you how to do that and how to do it cheaply. But why should you listen to me? Watch this video …

Don’t Buy A Video Camera Until You See This

Before you begin, we need to address the elephant in the room. That word that scares a lot of people off photography …. ‘photography.’ With all it’s f-stops and ASA ratings. Photography is only scary because it was invented by technical people. If it was invented by me there would be touchy feely user friendly buttons with names like summery bright switch and moody and brooding button. This first short video is going to change your approach to anything photographic. You are going to go from the person who says. ‘I’ve never been able to take a decent photo in my life’ to ‘I’ve got this video thing licked!’ This video focuses on something that professional photographers understand innately but 99.999% of the people who use a camera don’t (and video and photography work on the same principles): Cameras are really dumb but you are really smart (Do not skip this step. It is eye opening and burden lifting. You will kick yourself later if you do as you wonder why everyone around you who did watch it is making faster progress. This is one of my favourite bits because I love hearing the ‘penny drop’. There are lots of ‘aha’ moments here that make it all suddenly seem so clear and achievable.)

Cameras Are Dumb: How To Successfully Use Auto Settings On Your Camera

You know how when you get in your car you adjust the seat, get the rear vision mirror just right and check the fuel gauge? That’s just quickly checking that all your settings are right. Same too when you shoot video, there are couple of settings you need to cast an eye over.. One of these settings can appear daunting because as always with photography, it was designed by engineers. Get ready to have the dark clouds of confusion lifted.


Tired of Confusing Camera Settings? Follow This Simple Rule


You now have a camera you can use and a new found understanding that puts you in control of it. Let’s put that to good use right away. This is doing your first video shoot with training wheels.


Get Great Website Photos For $0


Video has a very powerful property. It can let you convey your sincerity and authority like words alone on paper cannot. Video is a not a substitute for words, indeed you need to craft your script with as much care as you would write a page. Together though, they are a powerful combination, just like a knife and fork. By themselves of limited use but paired up, what a team they make! To use words on video you need to first speak them. Spoken words that cannot be understood are useless. A quick peek behind the door with ‘sound’ written on it is worth a few moments of your time.


A Quick Way To Solve The Dilemma Of Choosing A Microphone

Below are our Amazon affiliate links to the microphones I recommend.

If you are using a video camera. Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone If you are using a smart phone. Rode Smartlav Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones


Let’s take a moment for a quick recap. Whether you have a laptop with a webcam, a smart phone or an expensive video camera, you now know how to • keep the camera at eye level • shine some extra light on yourself from directly above the camera • keep the camera steady • keep a watchful eye for ‘average’ backgrounds • use an external microphone Time to put this into action and get your videos up on YouTube to start working for you.


How To Build Website Traffic With Video

Now you have a handle on the foundations of videos use them to create some small easy to make videos that can generate big results for you. Here in step by step detail is how to do this for next to no money coming out of your wallet. The first step is to drive traffic to your site. You will create a series of videos that will answer the main objections people will have to booking you and you will let the huge YouTube search engine get these short easy to consume videos right in front of the people who matter most to you, your potential clients.

The Step By Step Guide to Turning FAQs Into Traffic Generating Videos

Are you wondering how to create those title images you saw me use in this video? Here’s a tutorial I made for a wonderful free image editing software called Canva. I show you how to make the exact same images I used in the video. You will be doing it very soon, it’s that straight forward. Now you have a handle on how to use Canva, put it to use straight away. Use this amazing social media design blueprint to create all your images for Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram, Pinterest and all the social media platforms useful to magicians and entertainers.

See how to edit these FAQ videos using Julian’s favourite editing software. These are detailed instructional videos that will make your job so much easier.

Find out the simplest and safest way to add music to your videos ( and it won’t cost you a cent).

Now you have completed a video, discover how easy it is to upload your magic video to youtube.

More coming soon …

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Ken Kelly

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  • Is there anything you would suggest that is similar to FiLMiC Pro for people with Android phones?

    I think it will save a lot of questions if you address both Android and iPhone users for any suggestions involving smartphones.

    • Julian Mather

      Simple answer is no. There are other apps that half do this and half do that. Filmic Pro is reportedly working on an Android version. btw, I use Android.

  • That last video on driving traffic was genius! Talk about having a V8 moment. I never thought about using FAQ’s for short video’s.

    Here is why I said a V8 moment, I used this same technique a few years back when I was working in the financial industry. I took the same questions that people would ask (I didn’t call them FAQ) over the phone and just did a 2 to 3 min video and just plain forgot about it. As Homer Simpson would say DOH!

    Now I have to either buy a smartphone or a camera the does video.

    Thanks Julian and Ken.

    • George Patrick

      Just one quick question Julian. How did you make the ribbon in PowerPoint?

      • Julian Mather

        Hey George, it’s not in PowerPoint. I’m going make the video for that tomorrow. You’ll be STOKED (that means you really like it);-)

  • Flipping brilliant Julian!!! woweee – well done!!!!

    I saw this come up on facebook from Tamar in the UK – I thought – “I know him! ” hehehe

    Which then reminded me to call you back (I remember you called when I was in a war with the dreaded Telstra) If you got rid of those banners no worries – if you haven’t I would love to pick them up now that everything has calmed down.

    Plus I found a good car wrapping company — hmm this is now turning into more of a personal email … ok errrr…. Great work Julian!!

    Steph 🙂

    • Julian Mather

      Hey thanks Steph. It’s a work in progress but it’s being done with passion so it won’t take that long to get it up to something really remarkable.

  • I love the ideas in this post. As I was watching this, I realized that I could easily get a short testimonial video from parents at a birthday party with my phone. However, upon further reflection, I wonder if that is an appropriate time to ask a parent to do something like that while they are trying to celebrate their child’s birthday. Party of what I’m selling is a stress free party, so I don’t want to add stress, but I really would love some video testimonials. I hope someone with more experience than me (beginner) could share their thoughts on this.


    • Julian Mather

      Hi Cliff, to me it comes down to using your normal inbuilt personal radar. Some parents will have that ability to just go sure, where do I look? Others it would ruin their day. If you feel the time is right, as. They can only say no. You smile, give a reassuring hand on the shoulder and it is just another one of life’s little interactions. I am particularly interested in investigating this topic further. Even after 25 years in factual TV interviewing people working out the right question to ask for a testimonial still eludes me. I am onto it!

  • T. J. Regul

    Thank you Julian. I can’t wait to start putting these things into action. I am especially looking forward to creating the videos in response to frequently asked questions. Can’t wait for the information about getting traffic to these videos and subsequently to my new website that I will build based on the assistance from this blog.

    T. J. Regul

    • Julian Mather

      We wish that we could bring it to you in one big whoosh but time gets the better of us. We can fairly confidently say you will have the information and support to get a good site with traffic to it within the year. (way less than but I’m playing it safe)

  • T. J. Regul

    When I begin taking video of the audience reaction to my show, should I get photo and video releases signed or am I free to use the footage how I choose?

    • Ken Kelly

      This is a good question T.J.
      Colette Kelly will be doing an interview for MB soon and I know this is one of the tips she will be covering. Colette shares some tips on getting permission and what you can and cannot use.

      • Really looking forward to the interview with Colette on this. I’ve had MAJOR issues with people signing releases. Taking a video seems to be fine, as more people are getting used to the idea that everyone is filming everything these days. But asking them to sign something saying you can use it seems to take it to a level where a lot of people (at least in my experience) are not comfortable. If I ask first, they won’t do the video, and if I ask afterwards, they won’t sign, or get very uncomfortable. That leaves me in a position of having something against which a complaint could be filed and cause issues. Is just doing an on video disclaimer beforehand enough? For example, I would say something along the lines of, “And now, ____ (person’s name) wants to tell people watching what they thought of my performance.”

  • Great tutorials – and a fantastic lecture by Collette about capturing ‘The money shot’. A great resource!

    • Julian Mather

      I agree William. The information Colette has put in her lecture goes hand in glove with the video info here. We hope to expand on this in the future to make it easier for you use photos to increase bookings.

      By the way, I think Colette’s lecture notes have set the new standard for what is expected.

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  • Michelle Uulf

    Just took some “money shots” today, am excited to incorporate them into some new marketing material!

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