MB 045: The Business of Stage Hypnotism With Andre Grove


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Andre-Grove Hypnotism for Magician Business Podcast

The Business of Stage Hypnotism

The Secrets Of A Full Time Stage Hypnotist

Andre Grove started as a magician and wanted to be the next David Copperfield until he saw a stage hypnotist and his performing career changed forever.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Does walking on stage with only a microphone as a prop interest you? Then stage hypnosis is possibly a way you can pack theaters.
  • It takes a lifetime to be an overnight success and there is nothing easy about it.
  • Developing your brand by paying your dues, treading the boards for many years.
  • Never take any audience for granted for your next big booking may be watching you.
  • It is so important that you every show as happy as your audience.
  • Learning to let go of marketing and hand it over to a professional.
  • The day to day work schedule of life on the road when touring.
  • Dealing with theatre owners and local council regulations.
  • Understanding the attendance habits of theatre patrons.
  • Listening to your audience’s conversations after the show.
  • Choosing your market and sticking to your market.
  • Andre tells the reality of a career on the stage.
  • Don’t do a stage hypnosis course if you are not a performer first.
  • Learn the ropes in comedy clubs.
  • 2% of stage hypnosis are actually hypnosis skills. 98% is showmanship.

Links and resources discussed in this episode:

Andre Grove Stage Hypnotist

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  • Eight years ago I evolved from a part time magician to a full time magician performing in many different venues and for many different audiences. I can certainly relate to what Andre says. I have thought about doing a hypnotist show especially while I am transporting my props in, out, and about. Thanks for all the insights regarding this kind of entertainment.

    • With every passing month, with every bone creaking just a little bit more, I see those photos of a stage with only a microphone and stand becoming more appealing by the day. Hypnotism is not for me but starting to learn more about what I have to offer, what value my ideas and thoughts can bring to a group, these are are where I see my future. I’m on a journey of discovery like you Charlie.

      • Yes, discovery plus the awesome feeling you get when people say things like “you made my day”, or “I laughed so hard my face hurts now”, or when forty pre-school kids come up to you and give you a hug one at a time. This business is very lucrative financially, but the intangible rewards are like nothing I have ever experienced before.